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"Action-oriented, Solution-Based Approach, Concentrate on Forward motion, not Looking at the Past"

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is a Life Coach Approach to Therapy?

Neal Houston, PhD


My name is Dr. Neal Houston and I would like to introduce you to what I can provide. Also I would like to explain what benefits I can offer to you. I provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, grief/loss, stress management, body image issues and creative blocks. Many people also find that my Life Coach Approach to Therapy can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, marriage issues, and the hassles of daily life. It can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or point you in the direction of a solution. The benefits you obtain from my Life Coach Approach to Therapy depends on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn.

The range of problems and issues addressed: Includes, but not limited to:

Depression ∙ Anxiety ∙ Marital/Family/Relationships ∙ Substance Abuse ∙ Co-Dependency ∙ Emotional issues ∙ Work related concerns ∙ Stress ∙ Personal problems or Conflicts ∙ Life Transition ∙ Chronic & Terminal Illnesses ∙ Eating Disorders ∙ Physical and Sexual Abuse

  • Trained to work with diverse individuals in complex situations - By listening, observing, assessing skills, making plans, and help clients rethink their options, envisioning more satisfying futures.
  • Creating solutions, helping clients resolve issues that are blocking their success and happiness. Even in cases of resistance or fear, and help clients understand how to reframe and diminish their problems.
  • Teaching new skills, and guide clients toward greater independence. Individuals learn the value of listening to their inner self, gain a greater appreciation for their own abilities, and increase their self-confidence. They begin to see how behavioral changes result in new opportunities.

Neal J. Houston, PhD

"action-oriented, solution-based, concentrates on forward motion," not looking at the past

You may be wondering, what is at the heart of effective Life Coach Approach to Therapy?

Great communication skills are at the heart of an effective Life Coach Approach to Therapy. A skilled individual in health and wellness understands and investigates the relationship between how people think and communicate. These top level professionals have an awareness of the relationship between language patterns and behavior. I am trained to track the assumptions and thinking processes of the client reflected in their use of language. Being able to track the client’s beliefs, behaviors and metaphors of life enables me to ask appropriate and pertinent questions of the client. This facilitates a deep self-exploration for the client that often leads to subtle shifts in the client's awareness. This often makes all the difference in making significant progress towards desired health and wellness outcomes. 

I look forward to making your health and wellness sessions become a reality.

I blog for World Mental Health Day

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